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xHamster is a pornographic and social networking site famous for their pornographic content. xHamster headquarter is based in Limassol, Cpyrus. The offices are in London, Kyoto and Houston. xHamster is mainly into serving the user-submitted pornographic videos, photographs, webcam models, erotic literatures and incorporate social networking features. xHamster website was founded in the year 2007 by Alex Hawkins. xHamster has more than 10 million members in their site and considering the fact, they have now become the third most popular pornography website on internet after PornHub and XVideos.

The site owners wanted to make something better, or extra than the normal pornographic website after which, they made xHamster which is just not the pornographic website but also the social networking site as well. In xHamster, one can chat, exchange erotic pictures and also share amateur videos to each other with a mutual consent. Apart from this, there is webcam chat also available for the users through which one can have a video chat with another user. xHamster is free of cost.

xHamster also produces the TV reality show, The Sex Factor where men and women compete with with each other in order to become a porn star. The governments have also blocked xHamster in several countries being a part of larger initiative against the internet pornography. The interface and the layout of the website is decently designed and there are many filters added for making the streaming easier.

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