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RedTube is an adult website one which is very well known for its variety of content. RedTube is most importantly free with professional videos and huge porn star collection. The videos range from short homemade clips to web cam girls and full length scenes from professionals from the well-known studios.

The quality varies in the videos. It goes down in case of amateur and cam videos while users can stream up to High Definition videos from professionals. RedTube also provides easy access to classify and cam shows.

However, to download clips, users have to register with RedTube. Registering further allows sorting videos as per the preference of the user. Being a popular website RedTube has a lot of ads which are annoying sometimes. But a $9.99 premium monthly subscription removes all ads and also gives access to premium videos of higher quality and content. One unique feature is the visual representation of likes, dislikes and views with different colour codes in every video.

Categories are wide including, cartoon, masturbation, anime, gay, lesbian and shemale. The videos are from major studios. RedTube is a part of a bigger network called PornHub and has almost everything that can be searched through it.

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