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Pornhub is a very known Canadian pornographic video sharing website where the user can upload the videos too. Pornhub is known as the largest pornography website ever on internet. The website was launched in Montreal. Pornhub use to provide professional and amateur photograpy since the year 2007. Pornhub has their office available in New Orleans, Houston, London and San Francisco. In the year 2010, Pornhub got brought by Manwin (which is now known as MindGeek) and is the owner of many leading pornographic websites.

Pornhub allows the user to stream the adult videos from different categories such as MILF, amateur pornography, fe-she male, gay, and other such videos. Through Pornhub, one can also share the videos they stream on the site to other social media websites. There is also an option of liking or disliking the video. Other than this, commenting on the videos, downloading of the videos and making the list of favourite videos are some common options available for the users who registers on the website for free of cost. Apart from this, one can also upload different videos on the site by using their registered free account.

In the year 2009, the website Pornhub got listed in the list of three largest pornographic websites in which RedTube and YouPorn is also included. These three websites made 100 million unique visitors. There is also a premium version of the website available where the user has to pay  for streaming the videos but the user can easily stream premium videos in HD quality too. All over, Pornhub is a leading pornographic website for streaming pornographic videos.

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